Deliver anything locally
within 1 day.
Hackathon in Tallinn by Garage48
Collaborators: Co-founders of ZITICITY, a Lithuania based startup
backed by Startup Wise Guys, Superangel and NordicNinja.
After my full-time role I went to hackaton. Co-founders of ZITICITY explained their idea for the prototype to build in 3 days — "Uber for deliveries" type of platform which enables anyone to send anything locally and it will arrive same day via ZITICITY's fleet. We came up with names for the product and called it Teleport by ZITICITY. I designed a landing page announcing the product and developed HTML/CSS.
We designed user flow and UI of scheduling delivery and scheduling drop-off, and I developed it in HTML/CSS, which was forwarded to CTO who built it very quickly before the day ended, and CEO then presented it in the pitch.
Prototype was ready — one user was able to schedule delivery and send a link to another user who scheduled dropoff, which sent a request to nearby delivery fleet. We redesigned the website to explain more about the product and position it as the best way for eCommerce sellers to deliver anything locally to their customers.
And the winner is...
One team built a robot which cleans snow from the streets, another built an API which prevents spam in emails. There were some great teams and prototypes, but the jury decided that our prototype had the best front-end, back-end, and a huge market in which a product can scale quickly. It led to Superangel VC, one of the most successful Estonian and Baltic venture capitals, leading the next round for ZITICITY.
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Currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, freelancing from home.
Available for full-time at an early-stage startup and willing to relocate.