Setup, track and optimize
API for content suggestions.
Client: LiftIgniter, a San Francisco based startup
backed by YCombinator.
Adis is an excellent communicator, creates great designs fast, and is really great to work with. He quickly understood our rather complex requirements, did a bunch of quick iterations producing great work, was very flexible and patient as we came up with new requests, and also helped shape the overall product we were building.
Co-founder and CEO of LiftIgniter
Previous design
There was no onboarding which helps new customers connect API to their app, the dashboard was limited in terms of how much it can show and how much user can customize it, options for optimizing API were not fully thought through, and visually it looked like Stripe's UI design. It also lacked new features which LiftIgniter had in plans.
I collaborated with CEO of LiftIgniter to design the onboarding process which helps software engineers implement LiftIgniter's API into their app, and I established a new visual design direction.
I collaborated with CEO of LiftIgniter to design a dashboard which helps users choose what data it should show and how the layout should be organized.
I collaborated with PM at LiftIgniter to design various features which allow users to optimize the API to be more accurate in showing content suggestions to users of their apps.
I was told by LiftIgniter that there was good feedback on new designs and number of customers connecting API and people using the admin panel successfully kept growing. LiftIgniter's founders and PMs were also very happy about new designs. In 2020 LiftIgniter was acquired by Maven.
Reach out anytime about anything
Currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, freelancing from home.
Available for full-time at an early-stage startup and willing to relocate.