Record and watch gameplays
and livestreams of mobile games.
Client: Kamcord, a San Francisco based startup at Series A,
backed by YC, Khosla and Tencent Holdings.
Adis’ opus at Kamcord was establishing the user interface, visual design and interactions for the Android Broadcasting app. He communicates his thought process well and continually strives to better understand his users.
Senior Product Designer at Kamcord
Web platform
Collaborating with Senior Product Designer, PM and co-founders, I worked on UX and UI design of website, i.e. a web platform where Kamcord's users can discover and follow gameplays, livestreams, games and gamers.
Watching a livestream on phone
Collaborating with Senior Product Designer and PM, I worked on UX and UI design of a part of Kamcord's iOS app where users can watch a livestream, i.e. attend a livestream with ability to send reactions, chat, and connect with everyone else who's watching.
Host a livestream using only a phone
Collaborating with Senior Product Designer, I worked on UX and UI design of Kamcord's innovative attempt to enable gamers to play a mobile game while hosting a livestream on top of it. No such solution existed until then, mobile gamers had to connect phone to a computer, and host livestream using a computer while playing a mobile game on the phone.
I completed my work in 4 months which was planned for 8 months. I also helped with various visual assets, such as app icon, App Store banners, promotional images for most popular mobile gamers, etc. All final designs were approved by Senior Product Designer, PM and co-founders, and went into live product. Soon after I left, Kamcord pivoted and became a platform to record anything on phone and share it with the community. 2 years later it was acqui-hired by Lyft, because it really was a group of very smart and talented people from which I learned a lot.
Reach out anytime about anything
Currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, freelancing from home.
Available for full-time at an early-stage startup and willing to relocate.