Stay on track
of eating healthy.
Client: Fuel, a San Francisco based startup
backed by 500 Startups.
Adis does top quality design work and is fast and very responsive to clients needs. I strongly recommend him without any reservations.
Founder and CEO of Fuel
Founder of Fuel, a digital health startup creating nutrition algorithms, had an idea to create an iOS app called Foodmunk, which uses a character who acts as a personal assistant, to help user stay on track of eating healthy.
Product design
I was hired to design UX and UI, and collaborating with founder, we designed a first version of the app which focuses on onboarding users by teaching them what the app does and by collecting data to start learning about user, and which focuses on recommending the healthiest meals nearby, recording users reactions to it, and presenting new insights and advice to user which helps in staying on track of eating healthy, which we all know so many people struggle with. For chipmunk illustration I hired an illustrator and together with founder directed illustration work.
Product design v2
When v1 was designed and sent to developers, I started working on new features from product roadmap, which included features such as Challenges where user can compete with other users in consuming less calories, and such as ability to take a photo of a meal from which the app finds all ingredients and automatically records it as a meal. Recording meals is very important because that's how the app knows what's the next meal to recommend nearby.
End of Foodmunk
After we designed those 2 features for v2, founders of Fuel decided to pivot and started a new venture focusing on decentralizing health insurance using blockchain technology. As far as I know, Foodmunk never made it to App Store.
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Currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, freelancing from home.
Available for full-time at an early-stage startup and willing to relocate.