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Employer:, a San Francisco based
bootstrapped startup.
Adis is skilled well beyond his years and has natural talent that's not easy to come by. He is professional, diligent in his process, and not afraid to push boundaries and innovate. The future is bright.
Founder and CEO of
Initially, in 1 year (could've been faster but I was going to high-school), we designed a web app which converts any static website into a mobile website, in seconds, and gives user ability to customize it without coding. Collaborating with CEO, I designed product and website, but it was never launched due to poor development work done by an agency. CEO decided then to build a team of developers, and invited me to design for the next project — convert LinkedIn profile into a personal website in seconds using a web app called
I completed high-school, started working on and soon moved to San Francisco to work on-site alongside CEO and Customer Success Manager, while development team was working remotely from Europe. In 6 months, I designed logotype, website and product, it was built while it was being designed.
3 months after launch, there were more than 300,000 websites created. The secret was that website can be created in seconds by converting LinkedIn profile, and easily customized in minutes to provide more details which LinkedIn profile can't, and there was a referral award if user chooses to share with their entire network. And, there was a famous influencer tweeting about it. There was also an acquisition offer from Amazon, which was rejected, and CEO had plans to turn it into a social network for professionals. In mid 2015 I decided to leave because I wasn't motivated to work on a social network and had some good freelance offers. After social network, then became a platform to find remote work and workers and got acquired in late 2016.
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Currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, freelancing from home.
Available for full-time at an early-stage startup and willing to relocate.